Nectarine and banana smoothie.

2 bananas 2 nectarines  1 orange 1/2 cup soya milk  1/2 cup orange juice  Add all ingredients to nutribullet or similar. Blast for 30 seconds. To have a firm and skin, consume nectarines. Nectarine contains high level of Vitamin C that can promote the production of collagen within the skin tissue. Collagen is a protein which… Continue reading Nectarine and banana smoothie.

Lovage growing in my herb garden. 

​​did you know Lovage, a member of the parsley family, is a widely-used herb in parts of Europe and southwest Asia.  The herb is considered a natural remedy for many ailments including joint discomfort associated with gout and rheumatic swelling of the joints. #allotment #herbgarden