Learn to hula hoop in 5 days. 

Take the Challenge Join me LIVE ON INSTAGRAM every night at 9 pm starting Wednesday 7th August 2019. Benefits of hula hooping; Strengthens Your Heart. It gives you a Massage. Works Out Your Brain. Fights Anxiety and Depression by increases endorphins. Can help make a flatter Stomach. Can burn over 400 Calories per hour. Goal… Continue reading Learn to hula hoop in 5 days. 

My No Sugar Journey Day 3

Woke up feeling dizzy and jittery hands, maybe this is it, sugar withdrawal has started.  I have a strong urge for toast and jam, instead I have porridge with oat milk, temptation resisted.  However upon further research I found that “oat milk has more sugar per serving than other types of milk because it’s made… Continue reading My No Sugar Journey Day 3

Rhubarb Juice

INGREDIENTS: 500g Rhubarb 2 pints water Juice of 1 lime Juice of 1 orange Ginger peeled and grated (half thumb size) INSTRUCTIONS: Wash the rhubarb stems and cut them into 1″ pieces Peel grater and add the ginger Put them in a large pot with cold water Bring the water to the boil, cover the… Continue reading Rhubarb Juice